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Brightwater Homes is an EarthCraft Builder, and our project and construction teams are trained in high-performance and sustainable construction practices through the EarthCraft program. But what is EarthCraft and what does it really mean?

A joint project between Atlanta-based Southface Institute, the Southeast’s oldest sustainability non-profit, and the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, EarthCraft was first established in 1999 as a high-performance building certification program specifically tailored to the energy, water and climate conditions in the Southeastern U.S region. Since then more than 50,000 homes and communities have been EarthCraft certified and the program has continually evolved to stay on the leading edge of technology, innovation and best practices in sustainable, high-performance construction.

EarthCraft accredited building professionals must have a minimum of three years experience in residential building and then are required to complete training in building science as well as classroom work on the standards of the EarthCraft program. After completing the EarthCraft Builder exam, they are then eligible to build EarthCraft certified homes, however each individual home must also pass its own EarthCraft House certification during and upon completion of construction.

The EarthCraft House process involves third-party verification and diagnostic testing by building science experts at various points throughout the construction process. Certification is a cumulative system through which the home must meet program standards across a variety of criteria including efficiency and performance, health, environmental sustainability, and comfort. EarthCraft homes are sourced, constructed and design to reduce environmental impacts. In addition, a typical EarthCraft home saves the homeowner an average of 30% on their annual energy bills in comparison to a comparable home built with standard construction methods.

Learn more about Brightwater’s commitment to sustainability and stewardship here or see more EarthCraft-certified homes available now at Serenbe.


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