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Go Green with Brightwater this April

April 22, 2020 will mark the 50th annual Earth Day celebration. As sustainability and environmental stewardship has been a passion for the Brightwater team since day one, we’ll be celebrating all things green all month long with a closer look at how we’re working to put these commitments into action. Throughout our website you’ll find green features and facts, and we’ll be sharing on our social media channels as well so, if you don’t already, follow along with us on Instagram or Facebook.


For our Brightwater team, sustainable building is a personal as well as a professional passion. Brightwater is committed to building healthier, more efficient new homes responsibly and with true respect for the environment. This commitment has its roots in the personal dedication of Brightwater founding partner, Charlie Bostwick, an avid outdoorsman and environmental advocate – and today the company as a whole reflects these ideals by making sustainability and environmental responsibility daily priorities. From the big picture planning that minimizes environmental impact to alternative energies like solar and geothermal to responsibly sourced materials and proactive construction waste management, Brightwater seeks to be a good steward of the land and its resources with every new home and neighborhood.


But when it comes to sustainable building, many ask what’s in it for the homeowner. Aside from doing our part to care for our environment and future, environmentally responsible building practices also provide homeowners with a lot of tangible benefits to enjoy.


Energy Savings

High efficiency construction methods help to conserve energy with durable products and energy efficient designs and components that reduce your cost of ownership as well as saving resources. Alternative energy options can help you save even more. For example, solar panel arrays, currently available at Sweet Apple in Milton, GA and Snee Farm Village in Mt Pleasant, SC, provide clean energy that can reduce your electric bills and provide a backup system for power outages. Or geothermal heating and cooling, currently available in homes at Serenbe outside Atlanta, provides cost efficient comfort that has been shown to reduce electrical energy costs by as much as 70% over the life of the home.


Less Maintenance

High efficiency and sustainable building practices can also make your home easier to own and enjoy for years to come. In addition to sustainable sourcing, many components with wood substitutes or recycled materials provide the added benefit of lower maintenance. Landscaping plans focused on xeriscaping utilize native and drought tolerant plants to minimize the need for irrigation and keep your home looking beautiful naturally.


More Comfort

We all spend more than dollars in our home – we spend time. That’s why the comfort and health of your home are so important. Green-friendly products and systems designed to reduce airborne pollutants and improve the indoor environment can make a powerful impact on the healthfulness of your home – from exterior housewrap to protect against excess moisture to low-formaldehyde insulation, low-VOC drywall adhesives, low-VOC paints and carpets and more.


No matter your style or address, sustainable building has a lot to offer in your new home and, more importantly, can help us all to build a better tomorrow together. Follow along with us this month as we celebrate and explore! Live brightly and go green with Brightwater! 

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