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Serenbe New Homes Offer Eco-Friendly Geothermal HVAC

New EarthCraft certified Brightwater homes at Serenbe include many unique benefits including geothermal heating and cooling systems – an eco-friendly alternative to conventional HVAC options that can provides efficient and reliable comfort in your new home.

A geothermal system is an exceptional way to optimize energy use, reduce carbon footprint, and realize cost savings on energy bills for many years ahead. While outside temperatures fluctuate, underground temperatures do not change so dramatically, allowing geothermal heating and cooling systems to capitalize on these constant temperatures to provide “free” energy through a buried system of pipes. The systems work automatically. Just like a conventional system, homeowners can simply set the thermostat to their desired temperature and the geothermal system will maintain the indoor temperature and humidity year-round.

While operation by the homeowner is similar to a conventional system, geothermal heating and cooling offers several unique advantages. There is no burning of fossil fuel and no direct greenhouse gas emissions. These systems simply transfer heat from the earth into the home or vice versa. Geothermal systems require less maintenance and offer better humidity control. And due to the location of equipment, the system is less susceptible to weather or storm damage. Additionally, geothermal systems are exceptionally quiet in operation. Perhaps most impressive, a geothermal system has been shown to typically save 40 to 70% of electrical energy consumed over the life of the home.

Geothermal heating and cooling is just one way that Brightwater homes at Serenbe, which are all EarthCraft Certified, are going green. Click here to learn more about Brightwater homes at Serenbe.

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