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Soak Up the Sun: New Solar Homes in GA, SC

There’s more than one way to soak up the sun. As part of our commitment to building cleaner, more efficient new homes, Brightwater offers solar energy systems on its new homes in Sweet Apple in Milton, GA, Snee Farm Village in Mt Pleasant, SC, Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, SC and for custom design-build clients! In fact, Sweet Apple is one of the first residential neighborhoods in Georgia to offer included solar panel arrays on all of its homes.

So how does solar power work for your home? Solar panels contain photovoltaic or PV cells, also known as solar cells, which generate electricity when exposed to sunlight. That direct current energy is then routed to an inverter which converts it into alternating current energy suitable to power your home and channels it directly into your home’s power system. The result is renewable energy that can add up to significant savings on your home utility costs.

New homes at Sweet Apple and Snee Farm offer 4kw or 12-panel solar systems that produce about 5800 kw hours per year, translating to an average of $750 in savings on utility costs each year. For even more benefits, an expanded 6.7kw system increases your average annual utility savings to $1275 per year and can be paired with a home battery to store additional energy and have back-up power to keep your home running even when the utility grid goes out.

In addition to energy savings, the investment in your home’s solar system is eligible for both federal and South Carolina state solar energy tax credits. Net metering is available for homeowners allowing them to essentially “sell” excess energy back into the power grid in the form of credits. Solar energy systems on Brightwater homes at Sweet Apple and Snee Farm Village have an expected 35-year lifespan and come with a 25-year warranty.

Ready to let the sunshine in? Learn more about new Brightwater homes with solar options at:
Sweet Apple – Milton, GA
Snee Farm Village.- Mt. Pleasant, SC
Palmetto Bluff – Bluffton, SC
Or to Build on Your Own Homesite


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