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A wildscape is simply a landscape designed to provide habitat for wildlife from bees and butterflies to birds and beyond, supporting a healthy community based on natural relationships. Wildscaping in residential community landscapes is an important opportunity to re-establish and protect the natural ecosystem with native plants and flowers.

Native plants

Native plants are the key to a healthy wildscape. Insects and other wildlife cannot consume plants that they have not co-evolved with, meaning non-native plants are not viable food sources for them.

Planting with intention

A variety of plants in diverse shapes, colors and sizes and blooming across different seasons of the year help to provide consistently accessible food and habitat for local wildlife at all stages of their life cycles.

Thoughtful low maintenance

Native plants are more likely to survive and thrive with minimal intervention making maintenance easier and less time consuming. Avoiding chemical pesticides protects the beneficial insects that are often killed off along with the pests.

Embracing natural beauty

Wildscaping embraces and supports the natural, native ecosystem and that means less is sometimes more. Not cutting back stems, allowing leaves to fall and not mowing over early flowers all provide important food and shelter for wildlife and create a naturally beautiful wildscape.

Wildscaping Neighborhoods


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Wildscaping is just one more way that Brightwater is bringing to life its commitment to building healthier, more efficient new homes responsibly and with true respect for the environment.

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